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The meaning of the***'s
****super cool
*****what are you doing at my page?go here<<<<<<<
******only given to pages that utterly and completely blow my 
mind(rare...I have an award to go with it....look it up
in the awards page)
Also,if any of these links don't work I would
appriciate it if you would inform me.Thanks.

General Sailor Moon Links

Bishouji Sailor Moon** 
pretty good site,lots of info 
Sailor Moon**** 
fantastic graphics 
Sailor Pics Site* 
Castle In The Sky*** 
nice site 
Eternal Sailor Moon*** 
pretty cool 
Jessica's Sailor Moon Page** 
Sailor MacGyvers Home Page* 
Sailor Moon Gateway**** 
one of the best sailor moon sites I have had the pleasure to view 
Bunny's Sailor Moon Tours**** 
This is so cute 
Sailor Moon Tourist Trap*** 
Character Specific Sites 
Sailor Mars 
Mars Shrine**
The Red Planet***1/2 
Supreme Goddess Rei's Homepage** 
Sailor Moon 
Serena's World**1/2 
Cade's Sailor Moon Shrine** 
Aleczander's SM shrine*1/2 
Mercury Shrines 
Mizuno Ami's Corner**
Crystal Knights Sailor Mercury Shrine***
Mercury Shrine** 
Codename:SailorV*** really good site Sailor V Shrine**
Venus Shrine**1/2
Jupiter Shrine**
Jupiter Shrine*1/5
The Evolution***** 
Princess Chibichibi's Page**
ChibiChibi's Sailor Moon Page**1/2
ChibiChibi's Cute Corner* 
ChibiChibi Shrine****really excellant 
Ice's Sailor Uranus Page**1/2
Sailor Uranus Temple** 
Uranus info page* 
The Very Purple Sailor Saturn Shrine**3/4
Saturn Shrine****
Lil Saturn's Sailor Saturn Shrine* 
Jacobs Pluto Page* 
Pluto Shrine** 
Leah's Sailor Pluto Shrine**1/2 
The Gates of Time(my Sailor P Shrine) 
Neptune info page* 
Thunder Crash's Ultimate Sailor Neptune Shrine** 
Sailor Star Healer 
Yaten's Corner** 
Sailor Star Maker 
Star Star Maker info page*
Taiki Shrine*1/2 
Sailor Star Fighter 
Sailor Star Fighter Info*
The Origonal Star Fighter Shrine**3/4 
Chibi Moon 
The Chibi Senshi Domain*1/4 
The Chibi Moon Multiverse** 
Chibi Moon Shrine***3/4{the single best chibi page I have ever seen} 
Artemis Shrine**1/2 
Diana Shrine*1/2 Ami-ko's Diana Shrine* 
Luna's Luna Page**1/2
Manga Image Galleries 
 If you have looked through my character galleries you know that I love manga  
and artbook pictures of Sailor Moon.They are the most beautiful pictures I have  
ever seen.Here are a few galleries I have found on the web.There is also a Sailor Moon Manga webring with alot of manga links too. 
Sailor Moon Manga Gallery***1/4 
Manga Webring 
Luna's Manga Central Control***1/2 
Sailor Moon Manga Utopia** 
Usagi Tsukino's Sailor Moon Manga Archive** 
Chibi Selena Chan's Manga Archive** 
Mischell's Sailor Moon Manga Page